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 +===== Drawing and Erasing Moles =====
 +There are no functions for drawing and erasing moles in ''​wamDisplay.h''​ as this functionality is only necessary within ''​wamDisplay.c''​. The following two functions, implemented in ''​wamDisplay.c''​ draw and erase moles as necessary:
 +  * ''​wamDisplay_updateAllMoleTickCounts()''​
 +    * Once the mole tick-counts have been updated, this function will either draw the mole (the mole has awakened) or erase the mole (the mole has become inactive).
 +  * ''​wamDisplay_whackMole(wamDisplay_point_t* whackOrigin)''​
 +    * This function will erase an active mole if the coordinates of the "​whack"​ match the coordinates of an active mole.
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