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Commonly Asked Questions

  1. Why do we use the C programming language instead of C++, Java, Python, etc?
  2. What is the best way to prepare for the quizzes which are closed-book?
    1. Read the associated chapter in K&R.
    2. Carefully work through every question on the associated study-questions page.
    3. Where programs are present in the study questions, don't try to memorize their output! Instead, study the programs, play with them, modify them, etc., until you completely understand what the programs do. One way to test your understanding would be to slightly modify the program and then to try and predict what the program will do, and then to compile/execute the modified program to see if its output agrees with your prediction.
    4. Work with the program examples in K&R so you can understand how these programs operate.
  3. Why do many of the programs in the study questions look different than the C code that you commonly see?
    1. These programs are testing your deep knowledge of the C language. When programmers are presented with code that is written somewhat differently than what they are used to seeing, they often struggle to understand what the code does. Working through the provided somewhat strange-looking examples in the study questions will help you to understand C code deeply enough that you will be able to comprehend what a program does no matter how it is written or formatted.
    2. Also, programs like those found in the study questions are often used in interview questions because potential employers are interested in the same thing, i.e., can you understand any C code, or can you only understand C code that has been formatted and written in the most obvious way? (I have been asked by companies if it is OK to borrow some of my study questions).
  4. Why does this class use a specific coding standard?
    1. Adhering to a coding standard improves the readability and structure of your code. Code that is carefully structured and that is easy to read usually has fewer bugs and is easier to debug.
    2. It is much easier to work together in teams when all of the programmers on the team write their code in similar fashion. Most all of you will work in teams during EC EN 390 (winter semester of your junior year). It is very difficult to share code if you don't all adhere to some sort of standard.
    3. Coding standards are often used in industry so this is good practice.
    4. Good coders are disciplined coders; working within a coding standard helps to develop good coding habits.

Xilinx SDK Issues

Importing Files the First Time (Videos 1 and 2)

When importing the project files (shown in video 1 and 2), make sure to go through the J-Drive path, not the network path. In the image shown below, make sure to to find the my330 directory through the J-Drive (image on the right). Using the path shown in the left image causes problems.

Don't Use Spaces in File or Directory Names

You must not use spaces in file or folder names that will be used with Xilinx software. Though it is common to create file and folder names containing spaces, the Xilinx software is developed in a Linux context and spaces in file-names are problematic for Linux. If, after import, you see lots of errors during the build/compile, double check to ensure that the directories that you created for the import (Videos 1 and 2) do not contains spaces.

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