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 +===== General Suggestions and Guidelines ======
 +Here are a few suggestions that if followed should ease things a bit. 
 +  * **Design First.** Design your code before you start typing. The compile-download loop is longer for embedded systems. "Trial and error" coding doesn'​t work well. It just leads to frustration and poor productivity.
 +  * **Work incrementally**. Write small functions and test them as you go. Do not write a bunch of code and then compile it and test it. It is much harder to debug that way. Coding incrementally means that you are focusing on a smaller amount of code when debugging. This is always a good thing.
 +  * **Start Right Away**. It is amazing how much faster you can find bugs when you are rested. Also, taking a break when you are faced with a difficult problem usually makes it easier to ultimately find the bug. Starting fresh the next day is also helpful. The worst possible situation is trying to find a bug at the last minute, especially when you wait until the last minute to code things up. When the pressure hits, IQ points seem to dissipate...
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