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 +===== Grading Source Code ===== 
 +The TAs will apply the following grading rubric when evaluating your source code. Note that this rubric may change throughout the semester so check back here regularly. The goal is to get you in the habit of writing, readable, reusable, high-quality code. As such the TAs will be quite strict when grading your code. 
 +  * You start out with 100% credit for the code-quality part of your grade. 
 +  * Each coding infraction reduces the code-quality credit by 10%. 
 +  * You will lose credit for failing to follow the coding standard or writing poor quality code. 
 +  * For example, you will lose 10% for each and every infraction (every line of a block of poorly indented code will lose 10%, for example). So, if the code-quality portion of your lab is 30% of the total, after 10+ errors, you lose the entire 30%. 
 +  * Examples of coding infractions include: 
 +    * Insufficient comments. 
 +    * incorrect or inconsistent indentation,​ 
 +    * using numerical constant values instead of ''#​define''​.  
 +    * lots of commented-out code in the submitted code. Only the occasional printf statement can be left commented out in the submitted code. 
 +    * placing variable definitions in "​.h"​ files. 
 +    * placing function definitions in .h files. 
 +    * other infractions of the [[Coding Standards]].
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