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 +====== Introduction to the AXI Timer ======
 +This reading assignment will help you understand how to use the AXI Timer in your software.
 +Read the following sections of {{::​pg079-axi-timer.pdf|Logicore IP AXI Timer}} documentation:​
 +  * IP Facts
 +  * Overview
 +  * Register Space subsection (pages 13 - 19)
 +  * Designing with the Core
 +Also examine the related driver files in the Board Support Package (BSP) that is located in the project directory you created when you went through the first tutorial. If you named your BSP, ''​330_bsp'',​ then the interesting files will be found under:
 +  330_bsp/​ps7_cortexa9_0/​libsrc/​tmrctr_v2_04_a/​src
 +===== Study Questions =====
 +  - How many interval timers are in an AXI timer?
 +  - What modes can the timers operate in?
 +  - When are interrupts generated by the timer?
 +  - What is the purpose of the TCSR0 and TCSR1 registers?
 +  - What is the purpose of the load registers (TLR0 and TLR1)?
 +  - How are interrupts enabled (specific register & bit)?
 +  - How is an interrupt acknowledged/​cleared?​
 +  - How do you tell which interval timer within the AXI timer caused an interrupt?
 +  - How do you make the timers automatically reload?
 +  - How do you control if the timers count up or down?
 +  - What timer options are available in the xtmrctr.h driver file?
 +  - Which options would you use to create a timer that causes an interrupt at fixed intervals?
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