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Introduction to the Interrupt Controller

This reading assignment will help you understand the generic interrupt controller (GIC).

Read Ch. 7 of the Zynq-7000 Technical Reference Manual. Also read the Interrupt Controller Documentation and Example page.

The Wikipedia page on interrupts and other sources may help with a general understanding of interrupts but are not required reading.

Study Questions

  1. How many pins on the generic interrupt controller can be connected to programmable logic? (Hint: answer is found in a Figure)
  2. What do SGI, PPI, and SPI stand for?
  3. What do the PPIs include?
  4. What is the purpose of the generic interrupt controller (GIC)?
  5. For a level sensitive interrupt, what must the requesting source provide?
  6. For a rising edge (edge-triggered) interrupt, what must the requesting source provide?
  7. When there is more than one pending interrupt, how does interrupt controller/distributor decide which interrupt to issue to the CPU interface?
  8. How does an interrupt service routine (ISR) determine the cause of an interrupt?
  9. What does the interrupt vector table contain?
  10. What functions allow programmers to edit the interrupt vector table?
  11. Does the GIC support nested interrupts?
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