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 +====== Introduction to the Interrupt Controller ======
 +This reading assignment will help you understand the generic interrupt controller (GIC). ​
 +Read {{::​ch7_ug585-zynq-7000-trm.pdf|Ch. 7 of the Zynq-7000 Technical Reference Manual}}. Also read the [[Interrupt Controller Documentation and Example]] page.
 +The [[http://​​wiki/​Interrupts|Wikipedia page on interrupts]] and other sources may help with a general understanding of interrupts but are not required reading.
 +===== Study Questions =====
 +  - How many pins on the generic interrupt controller can be connected to programmable logic? (Hint: answer is found in a figure)
 +  - What do SGI, PPI, and SPI stand for?
 +  - What do the PPIs include?
 +  - What is the purpose of the generic interrupt controller (GIC)?
 +  - For a level sensitive interrupt, what must the requesting source provide?
 +  - For a rising edge (edge-triggered) interrupt, what must the requesting source provide?
 +  - When there is more than one pending interrupt, how does interrupt controller/​distributor decide which interrupt to issue to the CPU interface?
 +  - How does an interrupt service routine (ISR) determine the cause of an interrupt?
 +  - What does the interrupt vector table contain?
 +  - What functions allow programmers to edit the interrupt vector table?
 +  - Does the GIC support nested interrupts?
 +  - In addition to "​connecting"​ an interrupt handler, what else must be done to allow the interrupt to issue to the CPU? (Hint: see example)
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