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 +===== Late Bank =====
 +Each lab will have an early date for pass-off. If you hit this early date, you will receive a 1-day deposit to your late-bank. You can have up to 3 days in your late-bank. When you have late-days in the late bank, you are allowed to turn in labs late, up to the number of days currently in your late-bank.
 +  * The TAs will be in charge of the late bank.
 +  * The late bank is stored on learning suite. It will be named "Late Bank" on your grades.
 +  * All late days expire on the last official day of class. ​
 +  * If you don't pass the lab off in person by the early (late-bank) date, the TAs can rely on the time-stamp of your files for the late bank (they will verify your time-stamp when you pass off in person). Note that the overall "​time-stamp"​ for your lab is the latest modification date for any file for the lab. The time stamp for any file in the lab can be no later than 11:59 PM on the late-bank day. Note that it is preferable to pass off the lab for the late day because if you accidentally modify the file before the TA verifies the time-stamp during the in-person pass-off, the new time-stamp automatically becomes the time stamp for the lab.
 +  * You must submit a print out of your lab files to the 330 homework box before 11:59 PM on the early due date to receive the late-day addition to your late-bank.
 +  * Your final in-person pass-off needs to be at least 90% or better to receive the late-day, otherwise you will not receive the late day.
 +  * You must pass the lab off to a TA in person by the final due date for the lab. Otherwise the lab will be considered late regardless of the time-stamp of the files.
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