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Purchasing a Development Board

Would you:

  • like to get away from the crowds?
  • use your own computer instead of hassling with the J-Drive?
  • work whenever you like?

Development boards are available for purchase from the shop (416 CB). They are sold at just under the cost of the components. The Xilinx software can be downloaded for free from If you want to be completely compatible with class content, including videos, etc., download version 2014.2. However, if you need to install a newer version of Xilinx to be compatible with the latest version of Linux or Windows, feel free to do so. Newer versions of Xilinx should still be compatible with all of the software that I provide. However, some of the video tutorials may not quite match up with the newer software. I doubt that this would cause serious problems. Anyway, all versions of the Xilinx Vivado software are available here.

The free software is called “web pack”. Xilinx's name for the software is “Vivado”.

Board price: $200.

When you return your working, undamaged board, you will receive $150. That is a lot better deal than you get when you return your textbook.

If the board is damaged or some part of it is non-working, you will only be charged the cost of parts. If handled in a reasonable manner, the boards are quite durable.

You are essentially leasing the board for a year for $50!

Boards should be available by end of the first week of the semester.

Note that this board will be used for ECEN 330 and ECEN 390. Other classes may also use the board in the future.

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