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 +===== Submitting Your Source Code and Pass-Off to Learning Suite =====
 +You will turn in your source code to learning suite using the following procedure.
 +  - Print each of your source-code files to PDF. On the machines in 413, you can print any of your source-code files directly to PDF from the Xilinx SDK program by selecting the print command from the SDK menu and then selecting "Adobe PDF" as the printer. See the dialog box below. In the dialog box that follows, browse to a location that is different from your workspace (**DO NOT SAVE YOUR PDF FILES IN YOUR WORKSPACE**) and then print the file.
 +  - When you are submitting multiple source-code files, merge the resulting PDF files into a single PDF. Most of you have already done this for other classes so you probably know how to do this. If not, ask the TAs, or you can try this [[https://​|web-site]] that can merge multiple PDF files into a single PDF file that you can download. You can also use Adobe Acrobat if that is currently installed on the machine that you are using.
 +  - Submit your final merged PDF file via the hand-in function in Learning Suite.
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