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 +====== Tera Term Tutorial ======
 +Tera Term allows your computer to communicate with the ZedBoard via a UART. This tutorial shows how to setup Tera Term for the ZedBoard.
 +  * The ZedBoard must be on for this to work.
 +  * Open Tera Term and select File -> New Connection if the New Connection window does not automatically open.
 +  * Select Serial and choose the appropriate COM port as shown below. The name and/or number of the port may not match the one shown below. It may say "USB Serial Port" instead of "​Cypress Serial"​.
 +  * Click OK.
 +{{ ::​teraterm1.png?​nolink |}}
 +  * Select Setup -> Serial Port and change your settings to match those shown below.
 +{{ :​teraterm2.png?​nolink |}}
 +That is all! Tera Term should now be ready to receive or send data to the ZedBoard.
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