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 +===== Using a FLASH-Drive =====
 +You can use a FLASH-Drive (instead of the J-Drive) if you want to achieve 2-3X faster compilation speeds than are possible with the J-Drive. If you decide to try this, make sure that your FLASH-drive is USB 3.0 and has a fast transfer speed. If you have an older FLASH-drive kicking around in the bottom of your backpack, it will probably be too slow to be useful. ​
 +Here are the steps if you want to try the FLASH-Drive:​
 +  - Redo Lab 1 to create your project on the FLASH-Drive (instead of the J-Drive).
 +  - Import your previously-created files using the instructions in this video: https://​​watch?​v=GcEVYjSMBPQ
 +**NOTE**: This is more dangerous because the only copy of your files is on the FLASH-drive and these files are not backed-up for you. If you decide to use the FLASH-Drive,​ make sure to perodically back it up (to the J-Drive perhaps). The fastest way to do this is to compress or zip the top-level directory on your FLASH-Drive and merely copy the compressed file to the J-Drive. It will take about 10X longer to do the copy if you don't compress things first.
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